Welcome to the english site of VfL Osnabrück, the purple and whites.

Over the last years there’s an increasing interest in VfL Osnabrück, even in non-german-speaking areas. There are supporters from the Netherlands or Great Britain and from all over the world that come to „Bremer Brücke“.

„Bremer Brücke“? That’s the name of the famous stadium of VfL Osnabrück. After a long time sponsor „osnatel“ gave back its naming rights to the Club – our stadium has back its traditional name.

The „Bremer Brücke“ is symbolising the long tradition of the Club, which spans over a 100 years. Since 1938, the VfL is playing on this ground right in the middle of its founding district Schinkel.

The return to „Bremer Brücke“ is a milestone on the path to the future of traditional association VfL Osnabrück – a bridge between provenance and hereafter.

Stadium map

Seat Category 1 1. Family tickets 4. Press
Seat Category 2 2. Kid’s Stands 5. Disabled Seats
Seat Category 3 3. Guests 6. Stands North-East


Seat category 1
Seat category 2
Seat category 3
Standing room
1. GiroLive-family tickets
2.Children´s grandstand
3.Standing room guest
5. Disabled seats
6. Standing room northeast (Affenfelsen)


Payment System

Easy and quick Payment – without any change in your wallet. Drinks and food can be paid with a credit card or smartphone via contactless payment from now on.